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How to Pass AZ-900 Azure Fundamental Exam

If you are reading this, I am glad that you are interested in learning Microsoft Azure. If you still are not sure, why should you choose cloud to make a career choice, you should read my comprehensive article – How to Jump-start your cloud career in 2021. In this article, i am going to talk about everything you need to know to pass the Azure Fundamental Exam. Some tips, some tricks, and a lot of free resources. Read along….

Table of Content

  1. Why should you start your cloud journey with Azure Fundamental?
  2. AZ-900 Exam Overview
  3. How to Prepare and pass in a week!
  4. Study Guide and Free Resources
  5. Setting up free Labs
  6. Tip and Tricks To Pass the exam
  7. Sample Questions/ Practice Tests/ Quizzes
  8. What’s Next after AZ-900?
  9. Conclusion

Why should you start your cloud journey with Azure Fundamental?

If you are new to cloud computing OR new to Microsoft Azure, I would highly recommend you to start with Azure Fundamental Course. Simply, because this course content has everything that you should know before jumping to any role-based or specialty/expert level certification exam. Though AZ-900 is not a prerequisite to pass any other certification exam offered by Microsoft. The other reason is due to its popularity, it's one of the fastest-growing public clouds with some incredible features. Most of us work in a Windows environment and are accustomed to a user-friendly environment. Azure is best at its user experience from a design perspective, makes it easier and interesting for self-starters.


What is AZ 900 - Azure Fundamental Exam? 

Azure fundamentals is a six-part series that teaches you basic cloud concepts, provides a streamlined overview of many Azure services, and guides you with hands-on exercises to deploy your very first services for free. The exam is designed for candidates looking to demonstrate foundational level knowledge of cloud services offered by azure. I personally recommend grasping the course content however exam can be taken as an optional first step in learning about cloud services and how those concepts are exemplified by Microsoft Azure. 

AZ-900 Exam Overview

Course Description – This course provides a foundational level of knowledge on cloud concepts; core azure services; security, privacy compliance, and trust; and Azure pricing and support.

Prerequisite – None |Exam Duration – 85 Minutes | Total No. Questions – 40-60 | Passing – 700/1000 Level – Foundational/ Beginner

Audience – Anyone who is beginning to learn about cloud computing and how Microsoft Azure leverages those services.

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